Statistics: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Nearly all web hosting platforms provide statistics these days, but most are 'raw' stats generated by the server during its normal operation. These will tell you about server load and indivdual page requests, but won't tell you much about your visitors, why they visit and what they find. These factors will help you to enhance your site and better meet the needs of your visitors.

Raw stats contain a log of each and every request to the site. The problem is that many of the hits to a site will be caused by automated processes, 'robots' that trawl the internet. Search engines send them out, spammers and scammers do the same, and their purposes are many.

You'll be most interested in the 'real' human visitors who come to your site. Filtering out humans from robots cannot be easily done from the raw server stats, so other mechanisms need to be provided.

We can install trackers into your site pages that will tell you the pages visited by each user, how long they stayed at each page, which keywords are used most often, which path through your site leads to the highest 'conversion' rate and much more.

These stats still need a degree of analysis and interpretation, but at least they are filtered and presented to give you the best picture of how your site is performing.