Hosting & Management: Keeping Things Ticking

Keeping your website up and running should be a simple task, but keeping and eye on things may be more than you fit into your day. There will be inevitable downtimes for your server, although depending on your hosting arrangements these should be kept to a minimum. eliminating them altogether is going to cost a lot of money.

Once your site is hosted we keep monitoring the situation to look for an untoward problems. We constantly evaluate our hosting arrangements to see if there is a better deal for our customers.

Sites can go down for a number of reasons, such as loss of internet connectivity somewhere between the user and the server, corrupted hosting settings, database corruptions, hardware failure and a multitude of other problems.

Most small to medium sized businesses will only require shared hosting, where many websites are run from the same server. Problems on one of the website can cause problems to all of those sites. Problems with bandwidth at the hosting company, sometimes caused by Denial of Service attacks or other physical failures can also create downtime.

We aim for 98% uptime on our sites, and we can better that if you need it for your site. E-Commerce sites probably need guarenteed uptime in order to ensure that sales revenues are not lost.

You may of course make your own hosting arrangements, but then we will not be in a position to monitor and maintain their operation.