Content: Getting Your Message Across

The web is all about content. Content is king. It's your primary mechanism for communicating with your customer base.

It's also what search engines live off. You can only get hits to your pages if you are indexed by the search engines, and if your content contains the terms that people enter as their search engine query.

People are rapidly moving toward the internet as their prime source of information, although that will vary from industry to industry. Where the internet is seen as a good source of information, people are quickly learning that authoritive sites, those with a depth and breadth of knowledge, are likely to be a competent and trustworthy source of information.

This situation is not different from the print media of 10+ years ago. Then, the brochure was your key to communication. A photocopied tri-fold leaflet said volumes about your business, and that probably wasn't the message you wanted to put across! A colour brochure on the other hand was often a much more professional and effective tool.

With the web, you have the best of flexibility. You can create your own site, have one professional designed and constructed, and then change the content as often as you like - weekly, daily, hourly even!